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Title: Legendary Reactions
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  1. Mystix_FN
    23 ore fa

    legendary rooney goal

  2. Urihell Tweeto
    Urihell Tweeto
    Giorno fa


  3. AndRey2005
    2 giorni fa


  4. iPA YT
    iPA YT
    3 giorni fa

    Is Messi best 👿👿👿👿😆

  5. Kian jones
    Kian jones
    3 giorni fa

    The Awww Fuckin hell from Fergy is class XD

  6. Abdur rehman Shahid
    Abdur rehman Shahid
    4 giorni fa

    name of the music at 5:47. please.

  7. Simon Wang
    Simon Wang
    5 giorni fa

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  8. Jason Canino
    Jason Canino
    5 giorni fa


  9. Silence Rc Dario
    Silence Rc Dario
    5 giorni fa


  10. ced ed
    ced ed
    6 giorni fa

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  11. marko pavlovic
    marko pavlovic
    7 giorni fa


  12. Marcus
    9 giorni fa

    Was that lewy goal from the 5-1 game?

  13. Hendro Pasuruan99
    Hendro Pasuruan99
    9 giorni fa

    Cristiano fans

  14. Ronix French
    Ronix French
    10 giorni fa


  15. Kappa K
    Kappa K
    11 giorni fa

    Good video but music in background lowkey ruins it, like it does in porn. Sigh.

  16. Valentina Zuluaga
    Valentina Zuluaga
    11 giorni fa

    and messi reaction i dislike this video

    11 giorni fa

    Rono ഉയിര് 🔥🔥

  18. Malina Bewas
    Malina Bewas
    14 giorni fa

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  19. Paulo Neto
    Paulo Neto
    14 giorni fa

    Congrats excelent video

  20. Memez247
    15 giorni fa

    The rashford "How's your bottle" is sick

  21. Met
    16 giorni fa

    I'm far from being a Man City fan but I get goose bumps every time I see that icon Aguero goal and hearing the commentator's reaction.

  22. Sonia Saiz
    Sonia Saiz
    16 giorni fa

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  23. Akira Kira
    Akira Kira
    17 giorni fa

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  24. InTeRiTuS
    17 giorni fa

    2:17 pretty sure Ferguson is saying "Fucking hell, fucking hell"

  25. amrein manuel
    amrein manuel
    17 giorni fa


  26. Wiz Afar
    Wiz Afar
    17 giorni fa

    All legends 🍾🏆💯💯📷

  27. Marcelo Azcurra
    Marcelo Azcurra
    17 giorni fa

    Nada que Ver jajaa el megor es messi portugués aguante Argentina

  28. Nixus Developer
    Nixus Developer
    18 giorni fa


    18 giorni fa

    Hello you are god

  30. Gingeybot
    18 giorni fa

    Mbappe sucks

  31. Zymto
    19 giorni fa

    1:40 😀

  32. Petar Vukšić
    Petar Vukšić
    19 giorni fa

    Croatia - England 2-1

  33. Dream catcher
    Dream catcher
    20 giorni fa

    5:01🔥 Best Ever 😍

  34. Josias May salazar
    Josias May salazar
    21 giorno fa

    Los partidos sin la afición no es lo mismo, el fútbol es lo. Que es por la gente 😪😪😪

  35. ניר הופמן
    ניר הופמן
    21 giorno fa


  36. Chetanya Sharma
    Chetanya Sharma
    21 giorno fa

    2:08 lmao zidane got the best reactions

  37. L.L.
    21 giorno fa

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  38. bala balachandar
    bala balachandar
    21 giorno fa


  39. SR7AD
    21 giorno fa

    0:03 imagine doing that in school tourny

  40. Elijah De Souza
    Elijah De Souza
    22 giorni fa

    Bro that part with aguero lmao

  41. Ashwin Vyas
    Ashwin Vyas
    22 giorni fa

    Who was that no. 11 real Madrid .. Marcelo pass

  42. 박민영 Minyoung Park
    박민영 Minyoung Park
    22 giorni fa

    After Ronaldo get a crazy shot against juve ,he immediately join them!

  43. sreejith Kp
    sreejith Kp
    22 giorni fa

    you missed messi goal vs real madrid

  44. messaoudi ouiame
    messaoudi ouiame
    22 giorni fa

    je comprend pas l'english

  45. Minecraft Noobs
    Minecraft Noobs
    22 giorni fa

    He copied this video of "score 90"

  46. Black Night
    Black Night
    22 giorni fa

    Nothing will ever come close to aguerooooooo

  47. ShOtGuNOfRivia
    23 giorni fa

    Rio Ferdinand and Garry Lineker are such cringe.

  48. Leo Alexandra
    Leo Alexandra
    23 giorni fa

    El bicho

  49. Albus Dumbledore
    Albus Dumbledore
    23 giorni fa

    Thing is these reactions are normal on messi goals because his every goal is great

  50. Khaleb Flamo
    Khaleb Flamo
    23 giorni fa

    Jose always doing the most 😂

  51. Jamie
    23 giorni fa

    Edit: Ronaldo Debut Goal For Manchester United and celebrating at the Stretford End ❤️❤️

  52. Prithul_khan
    23 giorni fa

    Ronaldo always best 💕

  53. Ulaş Uşaklı
    Ulaş Uşaklı
    24 giorni fa

    When Ronaldo scores against Juventus, the applause of even the Juventus fans is means everyone has great respect for this man.

  54. O Mada
    O Mada
    24 giorni fa

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  55. Malhar Tharkude
    Malhar Tharkude
    24 giorni fa

    Neymar reaction on mbappe😂🤣🤣

  56. ÆG Thug Theory
    ÆG Thug Theory
    24 giorni fa

    No no

  57. Ak Go
    Ak Go
    25 giorni fa

    The werner one 👌🤣

  58. Umer Faiz
    Umer Faiz
    25 giorni fa


  59. Adrielaleman Grenz
    Adrielaleman Grenz
    25 giorni fa

    Why has no one said anything about that one penalty? Thats not what I wanna see lmao. Why she crying over a penalty goal

  60. John Industry
    John Industry
    25 giorni fa


  61. Senthil Kumar Panneerselvam
    Senthil Kumar Panneerselvam
    25 giorni fa

    Unbelievable reactions

  62. shadow36
    25 giorni fa

    5:50 lingard goes crazy

  63. Md Kader
    Md Kader
    25 giorni fa

    Neymar jr bigfan from Bangladesh..

    25 giorni fa

    I like hazard

  65. Kameron S
    Kameron S
    25 giorni fa

    Clip 1. Ronaldo. That brings tears to my eyes the way the opposition fans show their respect. Love how Ronaldo reciprocates the respect back and just absorbs. Fucking love that guy so much

  66. Huss_kick
    25 giorni fa


  67. Matteo Salvatore
    Matteo Salvatore
    26 giorni fa


  68. Sergio Hurtado
    Sergio Hurtado
    26 giorni fa

    el gol de rooney y varios los vi en directo por tv, fue sensacional. e increible

  69. pessoa aleatória 🤯
    pessoa aleatória 🤯
    26 giorni fa

    8:09 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk LOL DEMAIS KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  70. Podikk
    26 giorni fa

    this kid is loco

  71. Callum Duarte
    Callum Duarte
    26 giorni fa

    What are the tunes in back grounf

  72. jacksepicyoutubechannelfulloffuntimesandhirickxxxx
    26 giorni fa

    2:45 cristiano ronaldos son

  73. abdo abdo
    abdo abdo
    26 giorni fa

    🍃كررها معي سُبْحانَ الله وَالْحَمْدُ لِله وَ لَا إِله إِلَّا الله وَاللّه أَكْبَر فإنها غراس الجنة 🍃،،

    26 giorni fa

    You helped me make my channel

  75. MZ
    26 giorni fa

    name of the song?

  76. محمد نوید میری
    محمد نوید میری
    27 giorni fa


  77. Got Em Carts
    Got Em Carts
    27 giorni fa

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  78. Neel Anil
    Neel Anil
    27 giorni fa

    King of tap ins 🤣

  79. Ta Son Tung
    Ta Son Tung
    27 giorni fa

    Wow. Is So Crazy

  80. Nostalgic Viewz
    Nostalgic Viewz
    27 giorni fa

    can you imagine getting applauded by thousands of people

  81. Albert Carlos
    Albert Carlos
    27 giorni fa

    2:52 Werner é ruim demais, se é Loko.

  82. Nur die SGE
    Nur die SGE
    27 giorni fa

    I knew cr7 if he go from real which wins 3 time in row the CL Then to tha Club which Fans applaud him Juve . Now he's where he belongs to

  83. Jero Berkley
    Jero Berkley
    27 giorni fa

    The music ruins the exciting commentary & crowd audio.. really takes the energy out of it as it's too loud as well. Would be nice if the game would be named in the corner as well. Who vs who, year, game etc.

  84. Freddy NAD
    Freddy NAD
    27 giorni fa

    3:52 the spectator behind lol

  85. Mr. Wq
    Mr. Wq
    28 giorni fa

    Van der sar reactions will always be iconic

  86. Ayu Bulan
    Ayu Bulan
    28 giorni fa

    cr7 ❤️ itget.info/down/video/m36HnmG6snCUsKg

    28 giorni fa

    this video was a goodie ?! hahah

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    𝔗ThͪÊ Woͦr̺̿ldͩ's S̺̿hͪo̺̿w̺̿Į★
    28 giorni fa


  89. Damian_Mtn
    28 giorni fa

    Hernandez would make it on here for those two misses.

  90. samuel goku
    samuel goku
    28 giorni fa

    no entiendo ingles

  91. K J
    K J
    29 giorni fa

    The AguerooOOOoo is one of the most iconic moments in football history! So glad I got to witness it, even being on the wrong side of the results! Football is magic!

  92. vedans Y
    vedans Y
    29 giorni fa

    Rooney goal best reaction

  93. Ilias Alger
    Ilias Alger
    29 giorni fa

    💪🏅💪🏅💪🙏Ronaldo Ronaldo Ronaldo

  94. Totou tourad
    Totou tourad
    29 giorni fa

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    1. Totou tourad
      Totou tourad
      29 giorni fa

      ضع ليك

  95. Nodrog
    Mese fa

    Football video without Messi is boring

  96. m y
    m y
    Mese fa


  97. nike
    Mese fa


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  99. Fishy Go Boom
    Fishy Go Boom
    Mese fa

    this is epic

  100. Fishy Go Boom
    Fishy Go Boom
    Mese fa

    this is epic