OMG! My Kid Cut My Hair! 😱

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  1. Oscar Picon
    Oscar Picon
    5 minuti fa


  2. Mira Bauer
    Mira Bauer
    9 minuti fa

    5 minute crafts upping their game

  3. Slay Flxids
    Slay Flxids
    11 minuti fa

    Oh boy if I did this I would be the next superman flying across the world

  4. OrEo
    13 minuti fa

    Its a little fun to detangle cables actually

  5. Jeremias Mendoza
    Jeremias Mendoza
    16 minuti fa

    Jfjxjjjc Hola

  6. Aron Yoon
    Aron Yoon
    18 minuti fa

    She is so chill

  7. ✨ EnnoTana For Life! ✨
    ✨ EnnoTana For Life! ✨
    31 minuto fa

    That doesn’t fix her hair 😂😭

  8. Dunia Mejia
    Dunia Mejia
    Ora fa

    Gffw os pu ss plan ñs Mdw oh xts Y dw oh deso Oí wg oí faj X Oh xw u de 7u fs oye es oye c O y de TsTsg7cs Oye de oí d W7nd y Eh d oí f Y es t et w7r Y rwignw erg snt. Ucs oh ch osc c vu in v U fui w pu g oí wg oye f igual s t8sytks Etc veis 7w e visto rs oh dsb rx u y disculpa Fósforo desvela TDH3DI 6gdivd Y gw oc te csk 7es oh Ustfw Gsuf v 5vs Y gastos Nj Yroa3owr54 Te

  9. Julia
    Ora fa

    Isso não corrige nn

  10. CaTalEyA
    Ora fa


  11. Karla Gonzalez
    Karla Gonzalez
    Ora fa


  12. الله اكبر
    الله اكبر
    Ora fa

    لرضانشككل على المنقيش واا الله وبركاته افةخ ىتى ما بتردي ما اجيتي تعللتي على

  13. Tatertastic
    Ora fa

    Smart my mom would have loved this hack

  14. Yunus Kayayurt
    Yunus Kayayurt
    2 ore fa


  15. Yamilett Campos
    Yamilett Campos
    2 ore fa

    that Will Make the kid cut peoples hair this is bad

  16. Fabiana Santos
    Fabiana Santos
    2 ore fa

    E você não deixou

  17. Monique lima
    Monique lima
    2 ore fa


  18. Eugenia Guadian
    Eugenia Guadian
    2 ore fa


  19. Lola Roblox
    Lola Roblox
    2 ore fa

    I would beat my kid if they did that

  20. •°[julieta-amajiki]°•
    2 ore fa

    Me corta el pelo le pego un sape ùnú

  21. Tʜᴀᴛ Hᴀɪᴋʏᴜ Fᴀɴ
    Tʜᴀᴛ Hᴀɪᴋʏᴜ Fᴀɴ
    2 ore fa

    *What a coincidence that you filmed it*

  22. Eunice Mukumba
    Eunice Mukumba
    2 ore fa


  23. María Garcia
    María Garcia
    2 ore fa

    Cuts hair mom rewards her

  24. isa hong
    isa hong
    2 ore fa

    I cut my hair to.

  25. isa hong
    isa hong
    2 ore fa


  26. Yo jhitt
    Yo jhitt
    3 ore fa

    Everyone:talking about how the girl chopped off the moms hair Me:why is they teeth always so yellow

  27. Soufiane Chaiboub
    Soufiane Chaiboub
    3 ore fa


  28. Antonio Rodríguez
    Antonio Rodríguez
    3 ore fa

    El pelooo🙅💇💇💇🥀😔

    1. Antonio Rodríguez
      Antonio Rodríguez
      3 ore fa

      De la señora😔🚘😔

  29. Jeremy Mcphetridge
    Jeremy Mcphetridge
    3 ore fa

    Not me still wondering why the dad gave the daughter the wires to untangle

  30. Ellina🎁
    3 ore fa


  31. Ellina🎁
    3 ore fa


  32. Leila Gharbi
    Leila Gharbi
    3 ore fa

    If i were that kid i would have got hit with a slipper headshot that would knock me out till i get revived at the doctors

  33. katherin marlene caballero vargas
    katherin marlene caballero vargas
    3 ore fa

    Ideas en 5 minutos?

  34. Ivonne Laronda
    Ivonne Laronda
    3 ore fa


  35. Joseane Ferreira
    Joseane Ferreira
    3 ore fa


  36. NP - 06MT 858703 Tribune Drive PS
    NP - 06MT 858703 Tribune Drive PS
    4 ore fa

    Her mom straight up smiling after the kid cut her hair. My Indian mom: *takes off slipper* Me falling because it hit me HARD *the slipper going back to my mothers hand like a flipping boomerang*

  37. Roberto Zavala
    Roberto Zavala
    4 ore fa

    Mejor pelgale

  38. Lilygaumball
    4 ore fa

    I’m not a parent or anything but I don’t think you’re supposed to teach your child it’s ok to cut your hair

  39. W̑̈ȇ̈ȇ̈b̑̈ T̑̈ȋ̈m̑̈ȇ̈
    W̑̈ȇ̈ȇ̈b̑̈ T̑̈ȋ̈m̑̈ȇ̈
    4 ore fa

    10 seconds later I would be ✨dead ✨

  40. Giabeli Redz
    Giabeli Redz
    4 ore fa

    Me wondering why the mother didn't like get mad?🧐

  41. Leo Salas
    Leo Salas
    4 ore fa

    Genial 😄😗

  42. Makenna B.
    Makenna B.
    4 ore fa

    That hair hack was good

  43. João Vitor Lima
    João Vitor Lima
    4 ore fa


  44. sevda Alıyeva
    sevda Alıyeva
    4 ore fa


  45. Diego Mariano
    Diego Mariano
    5 ore fa


  46. ilove mypuffycheeks
    ilove mypuffycheeks
    5 ore fa

    My mom would've of slapped me into the next dimension.

  47. Luzvenia Vera
    Luzvenia Vera
    5 ore fa

    La niña debe de aprender y no asi

  48. aesthetic_iio
    5 ore fa

    omg she done nothing to her hair

  49. Naide Pereira
    Naide Pereira
    5 ore fa


    1. Naide Pereira
      Naide Pereira
      5 ore fa


  50. Beatriz Florêncio Freitas de Almeida
    Beatriz Florêncio Freitas de Almeida
    5 ore fa

    Sou good

  51. Jose Elmer Serna Rivas
    Jose Elmer Serna Rivas
    5 ore fa

    Me llegan a cortar a sí el pelo y vamos no lo cuentan

  52. Silvia Patricia Beal
    Silvia Patricia Beal
    5 ore fa


  53. Elena Bărăgan
    Elena Bărăgan
    5 ore fa


  54. Rafael Calebe Sousa Ferreira
    Rafael Calebe Sousa Ferreira
    5 ore fa

    Thats what ypu get dor being so discracted

  55. ashneilia goes
    ashneilia goes
    5 ore fa

    I would not give the untangle wire so easily I would ask something for doing it.

  56. Emilly Gomes dos santos
    Emilly Gomes dos santos
    5 ore fa

    A mulher super calma com o fato da menina ter cortado o cabelo dela Eu se cortasse meu cabelo sem minha permissão: 😡😳😭

  57. ashneilia goes
    ashneilia goes
    5 ore fa

    My mom would calm be would be flying Chappell and utensils.

  58. Estella Rule
    Estella Rule
    5 ore fa

    Smart kids and Talent kids

  59. Patricia Del Carmen Moreno
    Patricia Del Carmen Moreno
    5 ore fa


  60. Жапар Базарбаев
    Жапар Базарбаев
    5 ore fa


  61. Paula Pires
    Paula Pires
    6 ore fa


  62. bubblyyy
    6 ore fa

    The way the mom is so chill- ✋🏼💀

  63. AnGeL A2m
    AnGeL A2m
    6 ore fa


  64. Ani Jaimes
    Ani Jaimes
    6 ore fa


  65. Ani Jaimes
    Ani Jaimes
    6 ore fa


  66. Mark Sajda
    Mark Sajda
    6 ore fa

    I think your kid only has this problem lol

  67. Priyu Mhatre
    Priyu Mhatre
    6 ore fa

    Oh god his yellow teeth was like yuck 🤢

  68. pamela analia osorio
    pamela analia osorio
    6 ore fa

    Holaaaaa si

  69. Any Peralta
    Any Peralta
    6 ore fa


  70. tota anime
    tota anime
    6 ore fa

    جميل جدن حلو

  71. Upasana Ghosh
    Upasana Ghosh
    6 ore fa

    If I had done this to my mumma she would be like : Mom - What have you done you bit*h Me - I just saw 5 minute crafts did this Mom - Teri 5 minute craft ki aisi ki taisi ...

  72. Mah'li Williams
    Mah'li Williams
    6 ore fa

    If my dad did that I would puch him I just kidding

  73. Viktorya Alcala
    Viktorya Alcala
    7 ore fa

    Que tal si le hudieran comprado una muñeca

  74. Dhamon Wilemon
    Dhamon Wilemon
    7 ore fa

    Who uses wierd controllers in 2021

    7 ore fa

    Child labor on the 2nd one 😂😂

  76. SariHj Dalimunthe
    SariHj Dalimunthe
    7 ore fa

    ALLHMDULILLAH Cepaaattttt Masuk Agama ISLAM Taat Khusyuk SHOLLAT 5Waktu Fardhu Pada 💖ALLOHSWT💖 Saudara'Saudariku😘💖😍

  77. WildChildEmya
    7 ore fa

    Bro he’s teeth were so yellow we gone ignore that has he ever heard of a idk maybe a toothbrush maybe don’t go to willy wonka’s candy factory to often

  78. brianna guzman
    brianna guzman
    7 ore fa


  79. Lesa Gallant
    Lesa Gallant
    8 ore fa

    Did anybody think about why the little kid had scissors in the first place

  80. Harish Sutar
    Harish Sutar
    8 ore fa

    Background music name pls

  81. Sebastian Carlos
    Sebastian Carlos
    8 ore fa

    Never knew they use a knockoff xbox 1 controller

  82. martina basaez
    martina basaez
    8 ore fa


  83. suprava sahu
    suprava sahu
    8 ore fa


  84. Abaira Bahia
    Abaira Bahia
    8 ore fa

    Eamdr e a mãe deixa tudo meu ❤️❤️❤️

  85. Eisha Gupta
    Eisha Gupta
    8 ore fa

    *Kids cut of mother's hair* Normal Moms- *Nervous smile* Asian Moms- *SLAP x 1000*

    1. OrEo
      13 minuti fa

      Immagrant parents actually

    2. mitch mesiona
      mitch mesiona
      5 ore fa


  86. syd
    8 ore fa

    that was the lamest reaction

    9 ore fa

    she was too calm about her hair cause i would have slapped my kid across the world for cutting my hair🙄 my hair take to long to grow back to be calm

  88. Mari Fofahツ
    Mari Fofahツ
    9 ore fa

    Kid: cuts the woman hair off Woman: *fake calm* Woman's pov: ugh, this bitch

  89. YoungYoutuber
    9 ore fa

    Where did you get thoughs markers TELL ME NOW

  90. sp14sh facts
    sp14sh facts
    9 ore fa

    Why did you let her cut? You can feel your hair and why give a smile? If I do that to my mom she would literally throw a fridge at me.

  91. sp14sh facts
    sp14sh facts
    9 ore fa

    So why don't you buy a wig

  92. Suha Irum
    Suha Irum
    9 ore fa

    :D yay

  93. Hawks ÙwÚ
    Hawks ÙwÚ
    9 ore fa