Sensational Revenge Moments in Football #1

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Best revenge moments in football. Di Maria, Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic and more..

🎶Unknown Brain - MATAFAKA (feat. Marvin Divine)



  1. TKHD
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    v2 🔥🔥🔥

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      @Pepehimovic ppppp

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      Hey... Check us out..

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      Are you Turkish or not?

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      @Pepehimovic nnj

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      @Pepehimovic A.n

  2. ryck being ryck
    ryck being ryck
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    Mavuba made Ibrahimovic scared 😳

  3. Balistreri Elroy
    Balistreri Elroy
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  4. Jorge Caytuiro alba
    Jorge Caytuiro alba
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    Ya edta aquí

  5. Andrew Welsh
    Andrew Welsh
    22 ore fa

    Remember 1 game the ref told Neymar to stop showing off as it was annoying the other players...ffs thought it was for the fans think players get paid enough if they r embarrassed by Neymars skill not Neymars fault shame on refs for putting skilled players off showing there skills SHOCKING

  6. Mary Sophy
    Mary Sophy
    Giorno fa

    So singing Messi is upsetting to Cristiano? That’s weird

  7. ghost1269_
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    1:14 romanian comentators

  8. Ğ  §ÎŁVĂ  ☆
    Ğ §ÎŁVĂ ☆
    3 giorni fa

    Neymar e mp kkk

  9. Ğ
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    08:33 Bunu hiçbir zaman unutmucaz kral

  10. Norbert Pop
    Norbert Pop
    5 giorni fa

    ala era roman

  11. Чепуха
    6 giorni fa

    С этим моментом (Зидан и Матерацци) я бы поспорил.

  12. grantsin33
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  13. Shane B
    Shane B
    6 giorni fa

    How can you show a football revenge video without Roy Keane

  14. Michal Goryczka
    Michal Goryczka
    7 giorni fa

    To jest polski kanal

  15. K1ng M4n1
    K1ng M4n1
    8 giorni fa

    As manny said " KANTE STOP KICKING DEM "

  16. うたこ
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  17. UzmanYorumcu
    9 giorni fa

    Müller'in bi de numaradan yanlışlıkla oldu gibi davranması yok mu😅

  18. Gautama dharma
    Gautama dharma
    10 giorni fa

    what kind of revenge that di maria did? when he still lost in the 2nd leg.. unbelievable ... s*****

  19. Relaxing Music
    Relaxing Music
    13 giorni fa

    You don't mess with kante 😂

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    Immergiamoci Podcast
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  21. gay mica
    gay mica
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    defensive work from Ramos

  22. エヌキャットOfficial Channel
    エヌキャットOfficial Channel
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  23. hoang nguyen
    hoang nguyen
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    vui that

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    Tevhid Ehli
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  25. Mattge08
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    Di un po’ se questo video non ti gasa

  26. José Bonafina
    José Bonafina
    15 giorni fa

    Crean en Dios

  27. Enis Azemi
    Enis Azemi
    16 giorni fa

    Van nistrelshit,what an ignorant idiotic player that he was.

  28. Flame Puppet
    Flame Puppet
    16 giorni fa

    Where is the one where Messi takes his shirt off vs real and then Ronaldo does the same next el Classico

  29. Joey Donaldson
    Joey Donaldson
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  30. Ratih 2021
    Ratih 2021
    16 giorni fa

    I hope Materazzi apologizes to Zidane

  31. Alpha Beta
    Alpha Beta
    18 giorni fa

    And get wrecked son vs MU

  32. Luca Cenci
    Luca Cenci
    18 giorni fa

    Ma che di Mario era young🤣

  33. Sooraj cnair
    Sooraj cnair
    19 giorni fa

    Sensational revenge ronaldo 5 months later 3:0 😅🤣🤣🤣

  34. ミリー
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  35. Hurricanos
    19 giorni fa

    Van Nistelrooy was the best comeback 🤣

  36. Kayra Aktas
    Kayra Aktas
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    Y Yo-Yos YÄßß Baba.. . Aramasam

  37. Robert Bessette
    Robert Bessette
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  38. Tiago Fazio
    Tiago Fazio
    22 giorni fa

    Lo de Muller no fue venganza

  39. {§Cpxary§}
    23 giorni fa

    Fenerbahçe vs beşik taş maçını hatırlattı

  40. Nigel Tube
    Nigel Tube
    24 giorni fa

    The fact Di Maria lost is hilarious lol

  41. Thu Rain
    Thu Rain
    24 giorni fa

    Why you didnt post Dimaria Vs United Part 2 🤣

  42. Артур Навирдинов
    Артур Навирдинов
    24 giorni fa

    С Ди Марией наоборот было🤦🏽‍♂️

  43. 佐藤優汰
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  44. Malena Bueno Ortiz
    Malena Bueno Ortiz
    25 giorni fa

    7:19 muller le pego un zapatazo a Nico que no hizo nada

  45. ex Nova
    ex Nova
    27 giorni fa

    If Diego Coste would be avenged for all his actions, he would have died a long time ago

  46. Yash Khairnar
    Yash Khairnar
    27 giorni fa

    Messi vs Ronaldo you should show Ronaldos answer also

  47. Brain builder
    Brain builder
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    I think you are from egypt

  48. Asimov
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  49. Cute and Funny Cats
    Cute and Funny Cats
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    keren dan mantap

  50. Aj Ła
    Aj Ła
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    9:25 ney and davi 🤍

  51. Raja Ra
    Raja Ra
    Mese fa

    The Di Maria moment hurt me 😢😭💔. That MANCHESTER UNITED player was rough enough.

    1. Mortifer
      28 giorni fa

      fck di maria

    2. Mortifer
      28 giorni fa

      fck di maria

  52. Raja Ra
    Raja Ra
    Mese fa

    It seems like Neymar is the victim of torture. After a few minutes, He proved them who was he🔥🔥🔥.

  53. Dong
    Mese fa

    Di maria tlqkf

    Mese fa


  55. Athul p s
    Athul p s
    Mese fa

    Revenge king 👑 ronalddoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 👍

  56. TEAM MICTER779
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    Juan Gelman escribió: «Debí decir te amo. Pero estaba el otoño haciendo señas, clavándome sus puertas en el alma». ¿Cuáles son sus obras favoritas relacionadas con el otoño?

  57. Mesut Kaya
    Mesut Kaya
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    👑 King Zidane

  58. محمد عقيل
    محمد عقيل
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    ديماريا ستفز مانشتر في الاخير في الأياب خسر زي الحمار هههههه

  59. Lean N
    Lean N
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    Perfect 🛡⚔

  60. Ar Ha
    Ar Ha
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    Actually Di Maria was the bad guy in that United saga. Karma knocked them out that year

  61. pubgmobile
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    If you want my shirt so much. I'll give it to you after. I'd prefer his sister

  62. Life taker
    Life taker
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    4:17 what is the name of music??please

  63. கொடுந்தமிழ்
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    Ronaldo take off his shirt after messi celebration that is called revenge don't make ur own history

  64. laz 61.5
    laz 61.5
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    vidyonun yarısı ronaldo aq

  65. pracxis sr
    pracxis sr
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    Di Maria getting owned by ManUtd

  66. Rubina Niaz
    Rubina Niaz
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    You didn’t did the full of ronaldo vs messi

  67. Dobluth
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    Messi vs Ronaldo,Cavani vs Neymar ?? where is revenge and for what ??

  68. Can barkın Ateş
    Can barkın Ateş
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  69. Irismar Varges ferraz
    Irismar Varges ferraz
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    Toppp topp topp

  70. Kikiki The
    Kikiki The
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    디마리아를 복수의 순간이라니 제정신인가 저 식기가 맨유를 떠난 과정을 알면 이딴 글 못쓸 텐데?

  71. Jorge Ceja
    Jorge Ceja
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    What do they speak?

  72. T K
    T K
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  73. copililul Misa Peretu
    copililul Misa Peretu
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    1:15 Român???? Like!!

  74. Ronaldo siiuu
    Ronaldo siiuu
    Mese fa

    Where does the Ronaldo jersey come from?

  75. Dortmund fan
    Dortmund fan
    Mese fa

    What happened after di Maria 😭

  76. Barajan Radzinski
    Barajan Radzinski
    Mese fa

    Zidane: Jeśli tak bardzo chcesz mojej koszuli, zrobię to później. Materazzi: Wolałbym jego siostrę

  77. Jass
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  78. Omar Alonso
    Omar Alonso
    Mese fa

    Neymar the biggest cryer on the spanish leage history

    Mese fa

    If you take revenge moments in football definitely there will be ronaldo 🔥🔥

  80. Roberto Currlos
    Roberto Currlos
    Mese fa

    0:47 Never disrespect kante, especially when he least deserves was a clean tackle too by kante...that rose deserved it...

  81. Khalada Ahmed
    Khalada Ahmed
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  82. Fernando Blanco Coloma
    Fernando Blanco Coloma
    Mese fa

    Di marias revenge back fired

  83. Nash Fernandes
    Nash Fernandes
    Mese fa

    Y u dint show Ronaldo revenge

  84. AmrlNbl 02
    AmrlNbl 02
    Mese fa

    Di ma snake

  85. Donna Erickson
    Donna Erickson
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    Pagado el arquero xd

  86. Dhanix Sykes
    Dhanix Sykes
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    8:18 Savage!!! 😂😂😂😂

  87. t t
    t t
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    1:44 これは誰ですか?

  88. Keymaster 28
    Keymaster 28
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    7:12 that's not a revenge bro Thats almost a murder

  89. Pubg Tdm 2K's
    Pubg Tdm 2K's
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    beat music 3:00

  90. luah semua
    luah semua
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    footbal is shit.. talk shit is nothing while act shit is shit

  91. Tommy Lang
    Tommy Lang
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    The fancy sphynx disappointedly smash because weather gratifyingly dream apud a known column. delightful, hungry stew

  92. vinayak vishnoi
    vinayak vishnoi
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    4:40 classsic revenge

  93. Slamet Alifauzi
    Slamet Alifauzi
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    where did you get the video, for content

  94. Mlo H Nga
    Mlo H Nga
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    Mãi yêu anh 7❤️ và cũng thích Messi Neymar

  95. Rhoda Byrd
    Rhoda Byrd
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    The pricey swiss ectrodactyly tick because mimosa unsurprisingly jump round a oceanic reading. knowing, innate beard

  96. SmugWisconsin4
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    2:49 World-class revenge moment

  97. SmugWisconsin4
    Mese fa

    9:06 Neymar never lets his legacy down even after being put down

  98. Kovacs
    Mese fa

    Neymar always get fouled cause he likes to dive non stop and overreact.

  99. Kocheng Juju Lovers
    Kocheng Juju Lovers
    Mese fa

    Min lu pendukung Barca yg BODOH yah? Itu Messi duluan yg celebrasi nunjukkin jersey, Leg 2 nya Madrid menang di Cam Now dibales ama Ronaldo saat mencetak gol, pamerin jersey jga... SEGITUNYA BIKIN CERITA FITNAH... SAYA JUVENTINI TAPI SAYA PROTES PERBUATAN BUSUK LU DALAM MERUBAH CERITA YANG SEBENARNYA... AKUN CHANNEL ASUU

  100. Philipc
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    Too bias ...u dnt put ronaldo revenge...uff