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How many pounds do you guys think you would get?!


  1. Ariel Isai
    Ariel Isai
    20 minuti fa

    My friend managed to throw the ball and it got stuck in the hoop, it was obvious that the hoop was smaller than the ball Everyone in there looked at the owner His face was a poem

  2. B
    24 minuti fa

    Nice costumes

  3. Pocketthegamer
    31 minuto fa

    Did he just put the grip strength thing against his thigh more like thigh strength 160lb

  4. Zenvee
    38 minuti fa

    tf is abel dressed like a convict

  5. The Poor Millionaire
    The Poor Millionaire
    44 minuti fa

    I always choke my chicken so I could easily do 200

  6. Junior senior
    Junior senior
    54 minuti fa

    At this point comments about how annoying tiktoks are, are annyoing me more than the actual tik toks they're about

  7. sleuth
    Ora fa

    Why does he act like a video game character after saying “house”

  8. Rakeem Hilliard
    Rakeem Hilliard
    2 ore fa

    Was trying out someone’s sisters grip strength yesterday, have to say I am very pleased.

  9. Victor T.
    Victor T.
    2 ore fa

    Did he just call that guy champagne

    2 ore fa

    What they all drinking even?

  11. brxnxn3
    2 ore fa

    Imagine the second girl was stronger than him so he had to cut it out for her to be weaker

  12. Andres Uchiha
    Andres Uchiha
    3 ore fa

    Niqqa wtr

  13. Mr Beats
    Mr Beats
    3 ore fa

    Imagine staying inside that house for 1 hour. Damn u wont return as a human

  14. Dynero 3
    Dynero 3
    3 ore fa

    Eh capit eh

  15. KZN Sync
    KZN Sync
    3 ore fa

    African mother

  16. Cheffy Johnson
    Cheffy Johnson
    3 ore fa

    Weak as shit forreal

  17. Zoen Victo
    Zoen Victo
    3 ore fa

    a house full of tiktokers cringe as f

  18. spec1fy
    4 ore fa

    Abel, or whatever his name is just escaped prison

  19. Gage
    4 ore fa

    Wtf is this gay cringe bs

  20. ix drosound
    ix drosound
    4 ore fa

    We all know his turn had more than 1 takes

  21. PantsYT
    5 ore fa

    why is blk water in every shot is this sponsored or what

  22. MC
    5 ore fa

    the acting in the intros on all these tik tok theme videos. cant yall be urself

  23. Fabrizio Campos
    Fabrizio Campos
    5 ore fa

    Mark Felix would break it

  24. wenssy harley
    wenssy harley
    5 ore fa

    U cheated

  25. ggskid12_
    6 ore fa

    Why does blk water exist just asking

  26. Zesty Overlord
    Zesty Overlord
    7 ore fa

    We all know the real reason are the guys are getting nearly double the girls…

  27. Nec
    7 ore fa

    he press it to leg

  28. Badfaygo
    7 ore fa

    When dat guy said hah hah let’s goo it kinda sounded like ski mask

  29. Anson Cole
    Anson Cole
    7 ore fa

    Man I could swear you have to put that the video has sponsored material in it

  30. Risotto Groupon
    Risotto Groupon
    7 ore fa

    They just call this dude champagne?

  31. Daniel Ryan
    Daniel Ryan
    8 ore fa

    I feel like squeezing my phone after seeing this video

  32. Grimmy
    8 ore fa

    Black water literally tastes like shit

  33. Hebert
    8 ore fa

    Que xuxa tenía que ver el agua negra? XD

  34. John B
    John B
    8 ore fa

    The average male in early 1900’s had a grip strength of 190

  35. Malcolm Hebbes
    Malcolm Hebbes
    8 ore fa

    I need me some blk water lmao

  36. Gettem I Gottem [#GiG] [#p1mpjuuce45th]
    Gettem I Gottem [#GiG] [#p1mpjuuce45th]
    8 ore fa

    I think you pointing it down gives a slight reading with gravity Picture the air bubble in a level

  37. Doruk Ayhan
    Doruk Ayhan
    8 ore fa

    I want Amane Kanata to give this a go.

  38. NatsumInsane
    9 ore fa

    He didn't give em' any chance to try it again. While him.... trying for like 600x

  39. TheMostRandom
    9 ore fa

    190 bitch I win lol

  40. Senseii• Senpaiii
    Senseii• Senpaiii
    9 ore fa

    Yeah don't worry, my grip will be the strongest grip when I give birth to my kids

  41. Netero
    9 ore fa

    Bullshit 😒

  42. Haha You
    Haha You
    9 ore fa

    Nice ad

  43. Karnage
    9 ore fa

    Tf is black water?

  44. Rahul R
    Rahul R
    9 ore fa

    How many of you did actually wanted to buy this thing after watching this, but never really needed it.

  45. Devin Walsh
    Devin Walsh
    9 ore fa

    Who are all these freaks

  46. C. S. Brooks
    C. S. Brooks
    9 ore fa

    This douche getting roasted in the comments is what I'm here for.

  47. rollin cole59
    rollin cole59
    10 ore fa

    Ayyyyyyy champagne

  48. KaiDie KaiDie
    KaiDie KaiDie
    10 ore fa

    This is cringe...

  49. KaiDie KaiDie
    KaiDie KaiDie
    10 ore fa

    This is cringe...

  50. ibtaba
    10 ore fa

    I want Kylie to do the “gripping” around here.

  51. J R
    J R
    10 ore fa

    That 1st girl DAAAAM 🔥

  52. Beast Man
    Beast Man
    10 ore fa

    Reporting this for repulsive content

  53. Bedford Link
    Bedford Link
    11 ore fa

    Bt u fs not the strongest if the other 2 knew wat ybey they was dlin

  54. Dan Klompstra
    Dan Klompstra
    11 ore fa

    Do the test right? There's a method and son, you ain't at 160kg force.

  55. Liston Cutinho
    Liston Cutinho
    12 ore fa

    Me: tries it The machine: 10 Me: Oh The machine: its in negetive Me: Oh......

  56. hgtg yk6jnell
    hgtg yk6jnell
    12 ore fa

    "women are just as strong"

  57. DUAL DV8
    DUAL DV8
    12 ore fa

    Who keeps giving these people money?

  58. Cyno simp
    Cyno simp
    13 ore fa

    As an avid manga reader/anime watchers i already knew what he's gonna do when i first saw that thing

  59. Roy Dunn
    Roy Dunn
    13 ore fa

    51 year old lifetime welder here... LMMFAO, give me shot at that... Make you kids feel bad, and I'm an old fat man

  60. Hobnoe
    13 ore fa

    U clearly worked out before u did it tf

  61. SoyALPA
    14 ore fa

    First girl ig? Xd

  62. The Person YT
    The Person YT
    14 ore fa

    I think this guy faked his turn

  63. Noble Six
    Noble Six
    14 ore fa

    That doesn't mean you're the strongest lol. You can squeeze plastic...okay then lol.

  64. Lanie Leigh
    Lanie Leigh
    15 ore fa

    Yeah but wonder what it would register for you if you hadn’t pressed it against your leg when you squeezed it?

  65. Anervis
    15 ore fa

    now boys the other hand

  66. Jonny Jegels
    Jonny Jegels
    15 ore fa

    Anyone else think that that was Arsenal

  67. illmaddox91
    15 ore fa

    Classic kauchdaddy

  68. Drakaina Tohru
    Drakaina Tohru
    15 ore fa

    Which one of us has the strongest hj

  69. Dunk Master Darius
    Dunk Master Darius
    16 ore fa

    Let's test the strength of a bunch of non working beta males...said nobody ever

  70. Mikekim_official [\/]
    Mikekim_official [\/]
    16 ore fa

    When it was he's turn, you can see he did alot of warm ups since his vains are already appearing XD

  71. Gabriel Arredondo
    Gabriel Arredondo
    16 ore fa

    Bro he used hes leg for leverage 😂 bois a joke

  72. SJW Slayer 2nd
    SJW Slayer 2nd
    16 ore fa

    Second girl cheated and used two hands. She isn't that strong

  73. ATKR45
    16 ore fa

    This is cancer

  74. Nikos Gly
    Nikos Gly
    17 ore fa

    Get c

  75. Tiger Hill
    Tiger Hill
    17 ore fa

    We all know what you do in your spare time😂🤣

  76. ZZyrax
    17 ore fa

    most of them didn't even do it right..

  77. ChickenButt39
    17 ore fa


  78. Akhil
    18 ore fa

    Squeeze it

  79. mikey z
    mikey z
    18 ore fa

    He used his leg like a cheater

  80. Timothy Vogelpohl
    Timothy Vogelpohl
    18 ore fa

    The “let’s turn youtube into something cringer than tiktok” challenge

  81. GoatCJ
    19 ore fa

    Champagne would’ve won if he knew how to use it

  82. ZevFei
    19 ore fa

    Finally a short video that worth watching, not that stupid retarded tiktok teenagers videos, and stupid prank channels

  83. Brandon Achey
    Brandon Achey
    19 ore fa

    Were you not literally the only person that posted against her thigh

  84. Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller
    Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller
    19 ore fa

    God i hate people

  85. YBfoteen 14
    YBfoteen 14
    19 ore fa

    Kylie a baddie no cap

  86. Harshit
    20 ore fa

    Come In India

  87. Harshit
    20 ore fa

    Iam Only To See My Target 🍌

  88. just.some._.idiot.on.tiktok
    20 ore fa

    The girls thought they did sum

  89. code037 Ch.
    code037 Ch.
    20 ore fa

    For reference, Kanata can do 50kg aka 110lbs

  90. RASHTG
    20 ore fa

    My grip will score in the 200s or break that thing and I’m not even joking. It’s just a result of some life experience.

  91. Karin Watanabe
    Karin Watanabe
    20 ore fa

    I remembered jeno from nct

  92. Cb
    20 ore fa

    Been a diesel/auto mechanic for years. I probably bet my thumb, pointer, and middle finger together alone can do these numbers 😂

  93. Reaper
    20 ore fa

    We just used to test our grip with the standard kind

  94. noah stockton
    noah stockton
    20 ore fa

    210 for me

  95. Aiysha's Channel
    Aiysha's Channel
    20 ore fa

    Obviously cheated using leg leverage at the end there.