Top 10 Best Selling Songs Each Year (2010-2020)

Me Here
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Top 10 best selling songs each year worldwide according to International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI)
Positions are based on total units sold (sales+streaming)
Note: Streaming was added to the formula in 2013

-Biggest songs each year (2010-2020)
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-Best song of the 2010s
-ITget most viewed songs of all time
-Most streamed songs of all time
-Spotify top 100
-Shape Of You
-Justin Bieber
-Blinding Lights
-Bad Guy
-Lady Gaga
-Bruno Mars
-Ed Sheeran
-Katy Perry
-Taylor Swift
-Ariana Grande
-Michael Jackson
-The Weeknd
-Super Bowl half time show
-Best selling albums of all time


  1. Me Here
    Me Here
    20 giorni fa

    10M views that's insane!

    1. Just Maxi
      Just Maxi
      20 ore fa

      11 Mill actually, congrats man

    2. Nasser Mansour
      Nasser Mansour
      Giorno fa


    3. Zaecharia Singh
      Zaecharia Singh
      Giorno fa

      11M views is insane 😏

    4. LightningStorm GamingYT
      LightningStorm GamingYT
      Giorno fa

      11M you mean

    5. Vaishali Prajapati
      Vaishali Prajapati
      2 giorni fa


  2. Alejandra Gutiérrez
    Alejandra Gutiérrez
    31 secondo fa

    Me doy cuenta que las músicas de antes son más hermosas y lindas que las que ahora

  3. Luís Fernando Leal Teixeira
    Luís Fernando Leal Teixeira
    13 minuti fa

    Ai se eu te pego fds kkkko

  4. Carla Eduarda
    Carla Eduarda
    21 minuto fa

    Wtf tinha música brasileira 😳

  5. Darnellanotfound🏳️‍🌈
    25 minuti fa

    All of these songs are my childhood

  6. UltimateHakai
    Ora fa

    2010 had such good songs now were in 2021 with legit garbage rap that people call music lol

  7. caiden snyder
    caiden snyder
    Ora fa

    there were songs on this that i thought were easily a decade older Jesus 2016 felt so long ago now

  8. Omega._.
    2 ore fa


  9. Miss PomPom
    Miss PomPom
    2 ore fa

    2014 is so nostalgic

  10. M B
    M B
    3 ore fa

    how was Let It Go released in 2014

  11. h0pesfall
    3 ore fa

    Dance Monkey = the worst song I've ever heard

  12. Vero
    4 ore fa

    It’s so ironic that 7 yeas was number 7

  13. Lucy-Rose❤️
    4 ore fa


  14. sofia
    4 ore fa

    3:38 ih ala um br nos top 2012

  15. emon fahaan
    emon fahaan
    4 ore fa

    A lot of nostalgia

  16. jj wakanda
    jj wakanda
    5 ore fa

    Memories damn

  17. Kanwarjoy Singh
    Kanwarjoy Singh
    5 ore fa

    Where cardi

  18. Lucas Kaua
    Lucas Kaua
    6 ore fa

    3:36 Brasil lembra?

  19. Neo Čvek
    Neo Čvek
    6 ore fa

    Almost cried after hearing I Got a feeling

  20. Hutma tyre
    Hutma tyre
    6 ore fa

    2018 was so nostalgic of 2017 it took all 2017's songs

  21. Пельмень Яна
    Пельмень Яна
    6 ore fa


  22. Son io
    Son io
    6 ore fa

    You did forgot Sia - Chandelier the most pearl music of the century.

  23. Herman Raukh
    Herman Raukh
    6 ore fa

    Shut up eminem was best

  24. Taki
    7 ore fa

    Almost all the songs from 2010 to 2013 are nostalgic to me

  25. Mr.Ragalik
    8 ore fa

    The weekend number one.

  26. Ankit Tera exp Singh
    Ankit Tera exp Singh
    8 ore fa

    Wow no 1 song was no2 at 2017

  27. CA hcr 2
    CA hcr 2
    9 ore fa

    Sorry justin bieber wnd more i was in 2nd grade so many memories

  28. CA hcr 2
    CA hcr 2
    9 ore fa

    Justin bieber is best

  29. xBald_Man
    10 ore fa

    2015-2019 were the best year for everything

  30. Ningsangjemba Walling
    Ningsangjemba Walling
    11 ore fa

    Feeling nostalgic after listening to all these songs

  31. Davvvie
    12 ore fa

    Brasil em 2012

  32. Vague
    14 ore fa

    Avenged Sevenfold Metallica and System of a Down are the best bands with best singers.

  33. Dominik Smoliński
    Dominik Smoliński
    14 ore fa

    Where is Firth Harmony

  34. Jaya Krishna
    Jaya Krishna
    15 ore fa

    What an amazing year 2015 was !

  35. PIKE
    16 ore fa


  36. Naim Nawawi
    Naim Nawawi
    16 ore fa

    All my childhood heree

  37. shravan shetty
    shravan shetty
    17 ore fa

    Nostalgia hit me like a truck🤧

  38. Jamez Gt
    Jamez Gt
    18 ore fa

    Its sad to know that someday these legendary songs will be forgotten and buried under mindless raps is something i hope will never happen

  39. Jordan Mossong
    Jordan Mossong
    19 ore fa

    Notice 2010-2012 all bangers, 2013-2020 hit or miss. 08-12 the best era

  40. Standard576
    20 ore fa

    This brought back memories for me… I can’t believe how old these songs are. “Don’t cry because it ended, smile because it happened”.”- Dr.Seuss.

  41. Mcsudov
    20 ore fa

    Where Alan Walker-Faded

  42. Jade Pinney
    Jade Pinney
    21 ora fa

    All this taught me was that I was correct, music has gotten crappier over recent years. Started going way down hill after 2013.

  43. Ellie Doty
    Ellie Doty
    22 ore fa

    Bruno looks like he’s getting signs from the producers

  44. chino4540
    22 ore fa

    I'm just surprised not to see the guy with a moustache here

    23 ore fa

    9:38 gooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  46. Potato
    Giorno fa

    He forgot the best one yet NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP

  47. Dr0p LeTz
    Dr0p LeTz
    Giorno fa

    I wanna be a kid again..

  48. Daniel YouTuber
    Daniel YouTuber
    Giorno fa

    Ed sheeran perfec melhor

  49. Infinite Gaming
    Infinite Gaming
    Giorno fa

    2011 Was Bruno Mars' year! 3 Bangers in one year!

  50. Grzegorz Tlusciak
    Grzegorz Tlusciak
    Giorno fa

    So much of a shitty music in that decade :( only some of it was good

  51. xx bakisso xx
    xx bakisso xx
    Giorno fa


  52. aron barkley
    aron barkley
    Giorno fa

    Ed Sheeran stinks of wee 🤢

  53. Jamez Gt
    Jamez Gt
    Giorno fa

    Alot of these songs i heard through minecraft parodys when i was really young

  54. BigWeedBong
    Giorno fa

    yo whoah

  55. bevorax
    Giorno fa

    This is pure nostalgia...

  56. Smol_Depressed_bean
    Giorno fa

    How in the hell has society let “shape of you” be on here 2 times

  57. Freskee
    Giorno fa

    ai se eu te pego KKKKKKKKKK

  58. Melanie's.pacifiers
    Giorno fa

    2016, 2017, 2018 was good ♡

  59. Najla Sharafuddin
    Najla Sharafuddin
    Giorno fa

    Thanks for this.. nice idea

  60. Cory Roberts
    Cory Roberts
    Giorno fa

    Some of these hit me hard so much

  61. Mr Pink
    Mr Pink
    Giorno fa

    i needed a few good songs and i found some really good ones >:D

  62. Brynn Hart
    Brynn Hart
    Giorno fa

    i sprained my thumb while dancing to california girls so it just hit different when i heard it. that song rocks.

  63. ColdLane | - /
    ColdLane | - /
    Giorno fa

    3:48 was my parents favorite song the So this is the one I'm most familiar with

  64. IFKa ooo
    IFKa ooo
    Giorno fa

    Пиздец постреляли меня флешбеками

  65. MrKaram
    Giorno fa

    BEST SONG IN 10 YEARS TORNAMENT Baby takes first place Bois bad romance takes 2nd place yee ok moves like jagger in second place lol sorry Rolling in the deep u r 3rd place not 2nd or 1st even if u are good BY FAR: 1st:baby 2nd:Moves like jagger 3rd:rolling in the deep LETS CONTINUE:Ai Se Eu Te Pego in 2nd place (people love stealing 2nd place but will they steal first place from Justin Bieber?)oki gangam style in 2nd place(stealing 2nd place)and 2nd place to Call Me Maybe (WTF? Again? Songs are so good 👍)and stolin again by roar from Katy Parry stealing 3rd place is Thrift shop at last 2nd place is chilling 😎 rude stealing 3rd place (did we start with the 3rd place stealers place yep we are)Let it go takes 3rd place lool and 2nd place stolen by Katy parry herself using Dark horse Katy parry is know 2nd and 3rd place and Justin Bieber is the front man 2nd place going (again whaaa)to sugar by maroon 5 and 2nd place stolen by 7 years yeee and sorry in 2nd place stealing it wait a sec is it by Justin Bieber and 2nd place us know to My man Attention while 3rd place is to humble (better sub 2 me bitch ok just kidding lol)Something li

  66. Vantekoonut
    Giorno fa

    Love all

    Giorno fa

    Wasn’t back to black in 2011?

  68. 테스트알고리즘
    Giorno fa

    can someone make a playlist on Spotify of this?

  69. PlayToy AppZ
    PlayToy AppZ
    Giorno fa

    Do we want to put Xiao Zhan's Made to Love had no promo, no MV, no official announcement, and was sold only in China platforms! That's the most impressive of all!

  70. Jack🎄
    Giorno fa

    When i was a kid listening to this song even know i dont know the title😄

  71. Matthieu Guérin
    Matthieu Guérin
    Giorno fa

    Honourable mention to Bitch Lasagna by PewDiePie

  72. Giorgos Manahiaris
    Giorgos Manahiaris
    Giorno fa


  73. Putin
    Giorno fa

    10:31 *"TikTok didn't existed but it did"*

  74. Raphael Recto
    Raphael Recto
    Giorno fa

    Childhood memories❤️

  75. Wyvernslayer 420
    Wyvernslayer 420
    Giorno fa

    The childhood nostalgia from this is insane

  76. sameer asif
    sameer asif
    Giorno fa

    Best way to end the video blinding lights lol

  77. Ngọc Phương Lương
    Ngọc Phương Lương
    Giorno fa

    Thift Shop + Kygo 🎵

  78. KaiserV
    Giorno fa

    Music from now is shit

  79. Subrata Acharjee
    Subrata Acharjee
    Giorno fa

    No one direction songs🥲💔

  80. Akshobhya Varma
    Akshobhya Varma
    Giorno fa

    Mmmmm yes tik tok

  81. Elis Hillerström
    Elis Hillerström
    Giorno fa

    Whatchu guys know about rolling (down) in the deep?

  82. mayank gupta
    mayank gupta
    Giorno fa


  83. AJ OT Gaming
    AJ OT Gaming
    Giorno fa


  84. Claire Elizabeth
    Claire Elizabeth
    Giorno fa

    Fun fact. The song 7 Years was posted on my 7th birthday☺️😅

  85. TheSpicyPizza
    Giorno fa

    Your touching my nostalgia a little too much now.

  86. Sree
    Giorno fa

    Making songs is very difficult but hearing them is soo beautiful.

  87. Señoritas Top's
    Señoritas Top's
    Giorno fa

    nothing like 80 'rock

  88. Imraan Adams
    Imraan Adams
    Giorno fa

    I miss being a kid

  89. grilled cheese  cat
    grilled cheese cat
    Giorno fa

    Bruno mars man my mom has every album

  90. Sussy Braxton -_-
    Sussy Braxton -_-
    2 giorni fa

    I feel like rap god deserves to be in here

  91. Sussy Braxton -_-
    Sussy Braxton -_-
    2 giorni fa

    Well try for making me remember get lucky

  92. Amber Felda
    Amber Felda
    2 giorni fa

    Ahhh I love soul sister it's the best

  93. -.-
    2 giorni fa

    Where is Juice WRLD?

  94. Chris Tang
    Chris Tang
    2 giorni fa

    Number 5 in 2014 lol

  95. ㄹㄹ웁
    2 giorni fa

    Blinding by the lights

  96. Katiiie F's 🐿️
    Katiiie F's 🐿️
    2 giorni fa


  97. Elia
    2 giorni fa

    Love me like y do

  98. Elia
    2 giorni fa

    Blank Space

  99. Elia
    2 giorni fa